We need more families to sign up!
This simple program involves a family picking up a chalice (and a notebook full of suggested prayers and holy cards) in the sacristy after their scheduled Sunday Mass (see the listed schedule below). They then take the chalice home and pray for vocations in their home for one week, returning it before the next scheduled Mass.

Once a family signs up to pray for a week, they are entered into the scheduling rotation; they will be asked every few months to take the chalice home and pray for another week.

Families will pick up the chalice after the Sunday 9 AM Mass, and return it before the next 9 AM Mass the following week.

                + November 26th: The Bernie & Marilyn Grutsch Family
                + December 3rd: ​The John & Teresa Rosenthal Family
                + December 10th: The Craig & Carrie Havlicek Family
                + December 17th: The Rory & Martha Cashman Family
                + December 24th: The Chris & Mary Anne von Dohlen Family
                + December 31st: The Paul & Gretchen Reetz Family

We welcome more families to sign up for the traveling chalice to pray for vocations in their homes; please contact Phyllis Galarneault (to sign up or with questions) at thegconnec@aol.com or at 612.702.3735 (call or text).

Thank you for praying for vocations!