The life of Holy Family Parish revolves around the celebration of the sacraments.  The Second Vatican Council describes the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist as the “source and summit of the Christian Life.” (Lumen Gentium 11).  The other sacraments are oriented toward the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  “For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself, our Pasch.” (Presbyterorum ordinis 5).

Each of the sacraments also gives a special grace if we receive them with the right dispositions.  Therefore, the people of Holy Family are encouraged to frequently receive the Sacrament of Confession in order that they might be well disposed to receive the other sacraments in a state of grace.
The traditional Baltimore Catechism tells us that “a sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to impart grace.” There are seven sacraments:
Traditionally, the Church speaks about the Sacraments of the Living and the Sacraments of the Dead. Baptism and Penance are called sacraments of the dead because their chief purpose is to give the supernatural life of sanctifying grace to souls spiritually dead through sin. Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony are called sacraments of the living because their chief purpose is to give more grace to souls already spiritually alive through sanctifying grace. He who knowingly receives a sacrament of the living in mortal sin commits a mortal sin of sacrilege, because he treats a sacred thing with grave irreverence. (I Corinthians 11:27)

To obtain a copy of your Sacramental Record…
Any member of the Christian faithful has a right to obtain a certificate of a sacrament received. Only that person, or the parents of a minor, or a legal guardian have this right. Certificates may also be released to another Catholic Church where the person is receiving a new sacrament. Requests for certificates should be submitted in writing and must bear the signature of the person whose certificate is being requested. Once a request is processed, the individual requesting a copy of his or her certificate may pick it up in person at the church office with a valid ID. The certificate may also be mailed directly to the requestor’s home parish. No information from sacramental registers may be provided by telephone.
To request sacramental records, complete and email, or download and mail this form to:


Church of the Holy Family

Attn: Kathy Fink

5900 West Lake Street

St. Louis Park MN 55416