Liturgical Ministry at Holy Family works to maintain the integrity and dignity of the Liturgy by following the Liturgical Documents of Vatican II. The reform of the Liturgy is put into practice with wisdom, willingness, and effectiveness while striving to represent the diversity of the congregation.

The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the church is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which all the Church’s power flows. For the aim and object of apostolic works is that all who are made children of God by faith and baptism should come together to praise God in the midst of his Church, to take part in the sacrifice, and to eat the Lord’s Supper. From the liturgy, therefore, particularly the Eucharist, grace is poured forth upon us as from a fountain; the liturgy is the source for achieving in the most effective way possible human sanctification and God’s glorification, the end to which all the Church’s other activities are directed.                             Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy, No.10