Holy Family Home Educators

Holy Family Home Educators (HFHE) is a support group of Roman Catholic home educating families loyal to the Magisterium of the Church. Through collaborative effort, HFHE parents organize educational, social, and charitable activities for their children to enrich their educational experience, and come together for mutual support and networking opportunities.

HFHE members share information about:
 * Pertinent home school current events such as seminars and conference
 * Information about legal issues
 * An atmosphere for exchange of teaching techniques and curriculum information
 * Monthly parent support meetings

All are welcome!  

Holy Family Home Educators is now accepting registrations for the 2016-2017 school year. There are four steps to registering:

1) Print and fill out the registration form and mail to Dawn Klassen as indicated on the form. This is critical so that you are on our communication list and are included in our family directory. Deadline for inclusion in the directory is August 12, 2016. Questions regarding the form can be directed to Dawn at jdklassen@usfamily.net.

2) Registration fee of $25 can be paid with a check made out to Church of the Holy Family and mailed with the registration form to Dawn Klassen. 

3) Karen Sattler will be compiling the photo directory for this year.  Please either have your family photo taken at the August picnic, or email her a copy at tksattler@comcast.net.  

Access PDF Registration Form

4) Sign up for a volunteer position on SignUp Genius.

To ensure we have a wide variety of activities and opportunities for all our families, and in order to share labor and utilize our varied talents and abilities, HFHE requires that all members volunteer to serve the group in some way.  We utilize SignUp Genius to coordinate this.  We encourage you to sign up now if you know what you'd like to do, but there will also be an opportunity to learn more at our first meeting.

Please note: We do host a family potluck picnic to kick off the year on August 28, so mark your calendar and get your registration in now to get details.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Board Members listed below. 

2016-17 HFHE Board

HFHE Chair Couple – Jason and Dawn Klassen jdklassen@usfamily.net

HFHE Vice Chair – Mary Anne Von Dohlen tophervond@hotmail.com

HFHE Secretary – Sharis Cooley cooleysm@gmail.com

HFHE Treasurer – Christine Schindler jackchrisschindler@msn.com

HFHE Pastoral Council Rep. – Erin Mitchell emitch511@yahoo.com