In 1972, Pope Paul VI restored the role of lector to the official status of a ministry. He describes the relationship between the lector and the readings as a very intimate and personal one.
“Let the reader be aware of the office he has undertaken and make every effort and employ suitable means to acquire that increasingly warm and living love and knowledge of Scripture that will make him a more perfect disciple of the Lord.”
                                                               Pope Paul VI “Ministeria Quaedam”
This is the ministry of proclamation. Through the lector, God’s living Word continues to be proclaimed to his people. The Lector Ministry greatly opens up the opportunity for personal growth by continual immersion in his Word; it is through this immersion that you will not only proclaim it more ably to others but also grow in your own knowledge and love of the living God. In addition, the lector welcomes the faithful to the Mass and also reads the general intercessory prayers.
In becoming a lector, you are accepting the responsibility to do your best and to continually look for ways by which to improve. To be effective, the lector needs to prepare.  Preparation includes study, practice, paying attention to voice quality, tone, volume, diction, pace, rhythm, intonation, and eye contact.
Lectors are scheduled approximately once a month. Training is provided.
If you wish to become a lector, please contact Sharon Pero, Liturgist. 952.999.4883.