Eucharistic Ministry

In every celebration of the Eucharist there should always be a sufficient number of ministers for the distribution of Communion. Priority is always given to ordinary ministers (bishops, priests, deacons) and auxiliary ministers (instituted acolytes). Immemsae Caritatis in 1973 specifically addressed the problem of insufficient ministers of Communion by permitting the local ordinary to appoint suitable men and women to assist priests and deacons as special or extraordinary ministers of Communion. Among the occasions when the local ordinary is permitted to use the faculty of appointing extraordinary ministers are those times when “the number of the faithful requesting Holy Communion is such that the celebration of Mass or the distribution of the Eucharist outside Mass would be unduly prolonged.”

                   The Liturgy Documents: This Holy and Living Sacrifice 24, 29
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the Priest in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass and may take Communion to the homebound as needed. One is invited to this ministry by Father Joseph or Sharon Pero, Liturgist. 
This is a grace ministry. By serving as a minister of Communion, you will be witnessing Christ’s own loving service to the members of the parish community